Erasmus, baby! – I swear you’re my Malaka

a podcast by Juul and Giulio.

Also known as the episode Giulio doesn’t remember recording.

For the third episode of our undying podcast, we explore Greece with Nikos and Olga. We’ll find out where the drug dealers hang out in Athens, what’s the difference between a duck-sized horse and a horse-sized duck, and how annoying Giulio’s voice can be when he’s drunk. Blame it on the ouzo, blame it on the boogie.

More than three months have passed since we released the second chapter of “Erasmus, baby!”, our homemade podcast about the life of Erasmus students. And it’s weird because all of the recording sessions took place even before, between December and February. It feels like ages ago, now. While editing and publishing, I listen to the episodes and I just can’t believe how much life has passed under these bridges.

This is our last week in Warsaw.

“Erasmus, baby!” has been the portrait of our experience in Poland for a segment of time, and now that this segment is coming to an end, it felt like a good moment for publishing a new episode. Today it’s the turn of the greeks and we’re gonna discover what’s a Malaka, why Olga and Nikos are planning to leave Greece and how easy it is to prepare tzatziki.

And alright, we gotta be honest.

The idea of drinking alcohol from the country of the people we were interviewing kinda got out of our hands, at some point. I don’t remember too much of the recording of this episode. And I think it shows.

But here it comes, it’s “I swear you’re my Malaka – in Greece with Olga and Nikos”. Episode three is OUT NOW.

And if you missed the trailer, here it is.

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