Erasmus, baby! – Daun to Ze Germans

a podcast by Juul and Giulio.

That’s what she said.

Where is our microphone from? What’s Philip favorite dirty dirty website? Who is gonna pull out the best burp of the day? The answers to all these questions lies in a 45 mins interview with ZE GERMANS (and yea, I edited a lot of it, but the full version was mostly made of “that’s what she said” jokes).

It’s funny how time flies somehow without you even realizing it. Editing this podcast gets me there every time.

How long ago was it, one month or something? Juul and I were recording the second episode of the podcast (“Episodio dos, los Alemanes”, as Samuel saved the file on my Google Drive) with Philip and Leo. Now neither of them is here in Warsaw anymore. Even Juul came back to the Netherlands.
We recorded all the episodes of “Erasmus, baby!” before anybody left, but it’s now that I’m editing them, and man, I feel it.

But I like it this way.

I want to listen to these recordings and remember the jokes, the games, the crazy anecdotes. Raising an imaginary Corona Extra with lime, this one goes to Juul, to Philip. This one goes to Leo.

And if you missed the trailer, here it is.

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